Marcia Gomes
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Marcia Barreto Gomes' works are focused around rare and hand-made paper derived from vegetables, fruits and leaves from all corners of the world. She manipulates the character of these papers through layering and juxtaposition to transform their textures and opacities, creating a harmony of abstract shapes in composition that hide the nature of the original raw material. Her compositions provide a meditation on the mystery of the synthesis. Recently, she has developed a series of books including intricate small-scale collages, which was exhibited in The New York Public Library on the Upper East Side. 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gomes has been fascinated with patterns and fabrics from an early age. Moving to Sao Paulo she became involved in the fashion industry working for Carmin, a Brazilian fashion house. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America and India and settled in New York in 1996. She took up studies at the Art Students League with the distinguished painter Bruce Doorman. 

She studied with Mr. Dorfman for three years focusing in collage and abstract design. During this time she was named Best In Show in the 1997 Concourse competition. Since then she has exhibited every year in group shows at the A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery on 57th Street and since 2014 on the Lower East Side. She was given Manhattan Arts International's Award of Excellence during its 1999 and 2000 competition. 1999 also marked her first solo show at the World Fine Art Gallery in New York City, and in February 2000, she won the Award of Merit from Manhattan Arts International's Herstory competition.

Marcia Barreto Gomes currently works and lives in New York City and her works are represented in private collections in Brazil, Switzerland and the United States.

January 2019


My interest in working with paper dates back to my earliest childhood, when I used to cut up magazines and fabrics to make my own "fashion designs". Specializing in collages, the choice of paper is for my work of essence, with special emphasis on rare and unusual kinds (i.e. from vegetables, fruits, leaves), originating from different parts of the world. I transform the character of the paper through layering, juxtaposition and manipulation. It is the harmony of textures and opacities, arranged in abstract composition, that hides the original character of its elements and creates a mysterious and thought-provoking message. Later, for the first time, I began a series of books that feature small-scale collages.

Exhibitions (Selected)

2014-2018: Ashok Jain Gallery - New York
2002-2013: A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery - New York
2002: Sushiden Gallery - New York (Solo Exhibition) 
2002: New Century Artists Gallery - New York “Gluell” - Collage/Assemblage Society Exhibition
2001: A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery - New York
2001: 96th Street Branch - The New York Public Library - Paintings of angels
2001: Sushiden Gallery - New York (Solo Exhibition)
2001: New Centruy Artists Gallery - New York "Glue" - Collage/Assemblage Society Exhibition
2001: The Times Square Lobby Gallery - New York "Getting it together"
2000: Dominican Republic Consulate, New York - Latin Artists Show
2000: 96th Street Branch - The New York Public Library (Solo Exhibition)
2000: Aguilar - The New York Public Library (Solo Exhibition)
2000: A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery - New York
2000: Wilmer Jennings Gallery - New York (An Arts Showcase of Material Diversity)
1999: World Fine Art Gallery - New York (Solo Exhibition)
1999/2000: Arredamento - Sao Paulo (art work exhibited in interior design show)
1999: Gallery@49 - New York "Clinton aka Hell’s Kitchen"
1999: 2/20 Gallery - New York "What is This Thing Called Love?"
1998: 2/20 Gallery - New York "Yesterday - Now - Forever"
1999, 1998, 1997: The Art Students League of New York - Gallery (collages and abstract paintings)


2000: Award of Merit, Herstory Competition, Manhattan Arts International
1999: Award of Excellence, Eighth Annual Competition, Manhattan Arts International
1997: Student Competition, Best Work, Bruce Dorfman class, The Art Students League, Gallery